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Thursday, 14 December 2017 14:54 Write a comment

Hello every one my name is Helina jolly and i am a Russia citizen but i base in Canada. please my friends this is no joke for i am very serious to inform you that there is still a real hacker if only you can decide to keep trying unto you fall into the right persons hand. i was actually introduce to this professional hacker called dolph Anderson during that period that i was having some misunderstanding with my lovely husband i call him my hero because he was even more than that....but with the help on Dolph Anderson i was able to monitor him, only to find out that he is no longer a faithful husband all because i could not bear him a child.
please my lady friends as at this moment, i am a woman with a broken heart but if do need a hacker to spy on your wife or husband do not be afraid to contact you are guaranteed 100% job satisfaction.
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